Gumdo Seminar Announced!!

Gumdo Seminar is announced! It is official! Grandmaster Bouksoo Joung and Master Hoyoung Lee are coming from Korea! President and Secretary General, respectively, of the World Kummooyeh Federation, they will hold two weekend workshops in Oklahoma City: the last weekend in October 2023 (October 27, 28, & 29), and the first weekend in November (November 3, 4, & 5). More details coming soon but mark your calendars.

Next Tournament Sept. 30!

The information for the next tournament, the 31st Annual U.S. Central Open Taekwondo Championship is now updated! Register today!

December 10 – Interschool Forms & Breaking Competition

NOTE: UPDATE! December 10 due to Great Grandmaster Won being in Korea for Kukkiwon anniversary.

NOTE: For Grandmaster Won’s Taekwondo schools only. If other outside schools want to attend, please contact Great Grandmaster Won directly.

Congratulations Grandmaster Won

Congratulations Grandmaster Won on winning the election on August 12 for the position of Taekwondo District Sports Director for the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU). It was a great turnout, with 30 clubs in attendance, with the final vote 21 to 9. Grandmaster Won had 21 and Master Jung had 9. Master Won would have had 24 votes, but one Midwest City representative was in the hospital. Austin’s Taekwondo from Henrietta was about 10 minutes late due to a grass fire that shut down I-40. USA Taekwondo unfortunately showed up at 7 pm, which was the previously announced time. However, thank you Master Austin and Grandmaster Todd Sexton for coming to support. Thank you to Governor Meeks who conducted the meeting, and thank you all for your support!